Fishery Grube

Family run business in third generation

From grandfathers little helper to one of the last remaining fishermen of the Elbe

Fishermen Wilhelm (William) Grube discovers his passion at the age of 8. His brother and Wilhelm supported his grandfather. Nowadays his sons work together with their father and became both full-grown fish experts on their own over the years.

Before the sun is rising they start their working day on their fishing boat, calling "Elvstint" and launch it to their fishing grounds on the river "Elbe" in lower saxony, north germany.
The trio collect their catches, check the fish traps and transport the daily capture to their Fishery for further processing.

Our products are mostly processed at the restaurant, gets a treatment at the smoker house or become one of our legendary "Fischbr├Âtchen".

Back to the business you can watch mother and daughter preparing the day at their family run restaurant "Grubes Fischerh├╝tte" and Bistro to-go.
The fisherman is also a professional master baker and takes care for the daily production of bread and smoked fish like salmon, eel, trout and many more types.

The popular and most known smelt restaurant is an institution of their branch and get visited from gourmets widely across the borders of lower saxony, especially customers from asia can`t wait for their visit during the smelt season between february and march.

Our Product range includes following fish types from our fishery:

Pike Perch

We also supply fish from our own breed